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Press Release for January 4, 2016:

Soundation Productions presents the film "London and the Muse".

London and the Muse - the film's official poster art start Dorisa Day

London and the Muse short film starring Dorisa Day IMDB

We had the pleasure and honor of producing the recent film "London and the Muse" (2015) which has been accepted into 3 film festivals set for 2016.
An award winning production.
Festival De Cannes Film Festival Laurel
Soundation Productions award winning short film

Our film at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival:

In January 2016, Soundation Productions is proud to announce we were accepted into the Cannes Film Festival, which is an international film festival, known as the most prestigious film festival in the world. More details about the festival here.

Synopsis of "London and the Muse"
London Blander, a former child prodigy artist/painter, has not been able to paint for the past 15 years after her little brother Tim died in a car accident. She keeps on seeing images of Casati, an early century woman who used to call herself a "living work of art." Casati soon becomes London's muse, yet takes her to dark places. Meanwhile, Mr. Reese, an eccentric wealthy gallery owner who is not afraid of pushing artist to their limits is determined to have London produce a masterpiece at any cost.

To learn more visit the IMDB page for "London and the Muse".

Press Release for October 19, 2013:
We are the first production company in Hollywood to accept bitcoin. And it's easier than ever.

It's important to stay ahead of the curve, and current with technologies, especially in production. We like to stay innovators, so now you can pay from any where in the world, instantly, safely, with bitcoin. Click the bitpay button below to send bitcoins, or contact us, and we will mail a custom invoice.

Bitcoin paper wallet 2013

Receive a 5% discount on your bill when you choose bitcoin.
We would like to reward our customers to choose bitcoin, so we are offering a promotion 5% discount off your entire bill if you use the payment method. Ask us about it before you check out.

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